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Together we can change many lives. Be a part of the change.


We strive for the betterment of families who are in need through our community programs. We aim to build these services to improve chennai's underprivileged communities and provide them with recognition and support.


To protect and to provide a healthy community for mothers, children and families by delivering proper nutrition, education and counseling to them at the right time


To help in the process of creating a sustainable environment for children to flourish in their families and diversify our experience in the areas of sustainability and positive reinforcement.

New Beginning, New life.!


Our goal is to ensure a sustainable living environment for migrants and socially backward families by providing nutrition, education, health, career training and life skills training and guidance to all children and orphans without differentiating between religion, caste, creed, gender or social position.

“Need help in building love and compassion for special neglected children. Support us with your small contribution.”

To serve as a driving force to raise the living of the underprivileged, economically neglected mentally challenged and those living below the poverty line, with special emphasis on women and children. Will you take the first step today to get involved?


“Join us to create a better life and bright full future
for the poor peoples and Celebrate Your Memorable Occasions with our children”

  • With your little support, we can do more. With a small portion of your income to protect and raise mentally challenged children who are in need care and support. Within a week after your donation, you will obtain your tax exemption certificate.

  • Volunteers can provide help in any such as Financial Assistance, Fundraising, Events / Activities, Awareness Building. Please contact us to explore these creative forms of assistance in the most beneficial way.

  • As a corporate group of volunteers, you can support us. As agreed with 1anbesivam, corporate volunteers may have a pre-set focus area. As a corporate volunteer, you can provide help in the following areas: support for facilities, support for infrastructure, medicine, regular services, workplace programs, support for marketing and ads, marketing on our website.



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