Food donation

Unfortunately thousands of children are homeless and have no family to take care of them. These orphanage-based children as well as many other organizations also expect a caring touch and focus. Donating food means elevating the needy and enabling them to make their lives better. It's a worthy cause that earns us a 100 good deeds worth of blessings and boons. 1anbesivam therefore gives you an opportunity to provide food in an orphanage where good food will be served on your behalf to the underprivileged children.

Food donation gives to you:

  • There's a feeling of satisfaction and a positive change in your self-worth when you serve meals to orphans.
  • This creates good morals in your kids – they are more likely to adopt an attitude of generosity when they see you supporting others.
  • Life is based on  karma – when you do something positive for someone else, it will eventually return to you. Therefore, good deeds come back to you if you contribute to the joy of someone.

Food donation offers to the needy:

  • A fulfilling and nutritious meal that satisfies their hunger.
  • A well prepared meal is a symbol of love and care. Donating a meal confirms this statement and helps them feel taken care of.
  • It is a gesture of love to offer good food to the orphan children.

Our trust provides:

Due to poverty or lack of awareness in diets, many of the children have been malnourished since birth. All our children at lunch are provided with boiled eggs and additional meat. They get an occasional fruit snack in the morning.

Once you make a reservation for your food donation service selection, we will share an email with the donation date and time as well as a link that allows you to view the operation practically in real-time.



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