Special Care for Elders

Not everyone has the essential facilities to be grateful. Although it's a strange law of nature, all we can do is take these things into our own hands. We are working to provide the most basic amenities that any person has to get. We have desperate women, widows, divorcees, people of old age who have been neglected by their friends and neighbours. We also provide shelter for orphaned children who have been abandoned by their parents.

We take care of their home, water, medications and other requirements so they can get comfortable. In the lives of those who might have given up on life, we stimulate hope! There are regular health checks. We also hold regular workshops for the elderly in meditation, prayer and yoga. We also arrange travel to close worship places!

1anbesivam Believes

Everyone has a right for basic food, housing, health care, education, and love needs. Everyone is created equal and has a responsibility to help each other. Everyone has the right to an opinion, valued and appreciated.

We believe that the secret to social development and change is health, education and basic necessities. 1Anbesivam trust works in harmony with the high standards of professional integrity, faith and ethical standards. We keep our fans, sponsors, and the people we represent accountable.

Taking care of the Elders and the Orphans

Not only at our 1anbesivam Trust, we do our part of elderly care, but we also go around various parts of the state and run free medical programs. We supply free medical assistance to elderly people in these medical campaigns and also distribute free medications to them. Our latest medical camp was put up in Chennai. It was a huge success where we reached out to nearly 370 people from that place as well as near the surrounding it. Besides these, nothing more satisfying than sharing!



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