Dress Donation

1Anbesivam provides underprivileged kids with new clothes. 40 abandoned orphan children from 5 to 15 years of age studying I at X Std & college. They lack the right clothes to wear. They always depend on local people donating used dresses. This problem can be fixed by supplying the kids with 2 pairs of new clothes. With this, 40 orphaned kids will benefit from our faith, they feel happy and secure.

Overcome challenge

Children, elders and others who are underprivileged do not have proper clothes to wear. We are always dependent on the generosity of local donors who offer their child's used clothes. We often feel sorry to wear washed out and old clothes. With our Trust, 40 neglected orphan children and others will overcome their frustration.

Long-Term Impact

1anbesivam runs a programme to donate dress to young children and others. This venture has maximum potential and effect in orphan and street children's growing acceptance. Their basic needs are being met and by acquiring knowledge, practical skills and life skills they will gain new life. They're going to get unconditional love like their parents were giving.



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