Need Medical Camps for All

The 1anbesivam trust runs two free medical camps regularly through funds collected to provide training in prevention, health talks and awareness, counselling, screening, rehabilitation, and other awareness programs. The camps focus on education, prevention and treatment of diseases, and health and wellness programs for parents, newborns, and children.

We include programs such as multiple vaccinations common disease screening and diagnosis, neurological clinics, dental care, cancer screening, eye care, free HIV counselling and testing, maternity care and supplementation of vitamin A

Basic Services by Local Professionals

Local health practitioners, Village Health Teams, and 1anbesivam volunteers work in the medical camps. We have sanitation, food, and prevention and treatment information for health and wellness (including HIV / AIDS and malaria). We also provide health screening, education and basic services which include:

  • Well-baby visits
  • General physical exams
  • Malaria screening
  • Dental services
  • Identification and screening for other local conditions, including epilepsy which is prevalent in some villages

People almost gets treated possibly in the health camps. We identified some of the affected individuals across our camps. These people need therapy for their medical benefits, so we can provide some health tips and we have been able to diagnose and advise these patients and treat them as early as possible to save their lives.



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